What would you like to know?

What sets AutoPal Financing Software apart from the competition?
AutoPal Software was created from the beginning to run on the cloud. This empowered us to design our features correctly from the beginning. Our approach in creating AutoPal Software was from the perspective of both the dealership and the lender. This makes AutoPal uniquely capable to handle auto loans, title loans, and many other installment loans. We truly belive that AutoPal Software is the loan servicing software made for lenders.
Is AutoPal Software compatible with credit bureau reporting?
Yes. AutoPal Financing Software makes it easy to report each customer's credit information to Equifax, Transunion and Experian through Credit Manager, one of our software partners. With AutoPal, you will be able to report credit in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. This powerful tool will reward customers for making payments on time and add pressure to customers who don't.
Can I create custom forms or documents inside of AutoPal?
Yes. AutoPal Software has a forms creation tool, similar to a word processor, that you can use to create custom forms or documents. Variables can be added to forms so they will be customized to each customer or loan when generated.
What if AutoPal doesn't have a feature that I need?
We offer a free trial of our financing software before you buy it. You can also have one of our trainers guide you through the software. During this Software Needs Assessment, you can ask any questions you want. If you purchased the software and need a feature that AutoPal doesn't have, we do offer custom programming. The time and cost of custom work is decided on a project-by-project basis.
How good is AutoPal support?
AutoPal offers an extensive library of videos and a series of articles to help answer your questions. We also offer phone support if you need to speak with a real person. Unlike other companies, we don't outsource our phone support. The members of our support team are all top-quality people. Each support representative has had a minimum of one year in the lending industry and general business or accounting knowledge.
How secure is AutoPal Software?
At AutoPal software, we take security very seriously. Our software is hosted on the Amazon cloud in secure data centers in multiple locations. All data is backed up using a triple-redundant system. We use the latest is secure socket layer technology (SSL) to encrypt data that is sent or received from AutoPal. We store sensitive data in an encrypted format. We also continuously upgrade our technology to take advantage of the latest security standards.
Does AutoPal offer an API?
Yes. AutoPal has a REST API that you can use to develop your own AutoPal-based applications.
What types of loans does the financing software support?
AutoPal is great for title loans, medical financing, agricultural financing, vehicle financing, buy-here-pay-here loans, title loans, and related finance companies.