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AutoPal is Perfect for Buy-Here-Pay-Here Lenders

AutoPal Software gives you the features you need to overcome the hard parts of buy-here-pay-here lending. We make it possible for your customers to make payments online or in cash any time of the day or night. We provide customizable template forms, we help you track repossessed vehicles. Plus, our knowledgeable staff can answer the questions you have.

The features auto lenders need!

AutoPal has the features that will make your life and your customers' lives easier. This is buy-here-pay-here lending software done right.

  • Customer-Facing Website: AutoPal gives your company a customizable website where your customers can log in, make payments, and manage their loans.
  • Automatic Withdrawal of Customer Payments: Set AutoPal to automatically withdraw your customers' payments when they come due.
  • Unlimited Users: We don't charge you per user and we encourage each employee to have a separate account so you can see who did what.
  • SMS Text Messaging: Send and receive text messages from your customers. Or even set up automatic text message reminders.
  • Automatic Email Notifications: Automatically notify your customers of loan events like when a payment is made or an account is past due.
Receive the best customer support in the industry
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Customer Support

You have questions, we have answers. Our customer support representatives are the best in the industry. Each representative has at least one year's experience in the lending industry, extensive knowledge of loan calculations, and business administration or accounting experience. We don't just offer great loan software, we offer the best support.

Web Presence

Customer-facing Website

AutoPal can give you an immediate and full-featured website. Your customers can use this site to log in, make payments, update insurance information, and view and upload documents. Plus, you have total control over what your customers can see and do on this website. You'll be able to provide the same features as a big bank, making AutoPal a great buy-here-pay-here software or independent auto loan software.

  • Make payments
  • Add payment profiles (credit/debit card, bank account)
  • Update insurance
  • Upload documents
  • View and print documents

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