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AutoPal is Based in the Cloud

AutoPal Software is a cloud-based loan servicing software and, like a lending partner, it can be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection, any time you need it. Having loan software in the cloud also means your loan data is backed up across multiple locations making it both safe and secure.

Key Features

AutoPal is a Capable Lending Partner

AutoPal has the features that will make your life and your customers' lives easier! It is one of the top loan management software products on the market!

  • Website Customizable website where your customers can log in
  • Messaging SMS text messaging for quick communication with customers
  • User Unlimited number of users at no extra cost
  • Email Automated email notifications
  • AutoPay Automatic withdrawal of customer payments
  • Credit Card Payments Credit/Debit card payments
Receive the best customer support in the industry
Talk to Us

Customer Support

As your lending partner, you can talk to us. Our customer support representatives are the best in the industry. Each representative has at least one year's experience in the lending industry, extensive knowledge of loan calculations, and business administration or accounting experience. We don't just offer great loan software, we offer great support.

Web Presence

Customer-facing Website

With AutoPal as your lending partner, you'll have a great website immediately. Here, your customers can log in, make payments, update insurance information, and view documents. Plus, you have total control over what your customers can see and do on this website. You'll be able to provide the same features as a big bank with your buy-here-pay-here or title loans.

  • Make payments
  • Add payment profiles (credit/debit card, bank account)
  • Update insurance
  • Upload documents
  • View and print documents
Live amortization schedule shows you what's happened and what to expect..
Get detailed history and forecasts
on a single page

Live Amortization Schedule

AutoPal Software is the first loan software to feature live amortization schedules. Since AutoPal was made by lenders, we have built effective loan amortization software into AutoPal. Every payment, fee, and transaction is updated on this page as you log it, and all future forecasts are adjusted each day. AutoPal Software is the best loan amortization software!

  • Shows all fees
  • View how payments were applied
  • Show and hide forecast payments
  • PDF export
  • Updated in real time

We're Here to Help

  • 888.725.4495
  • sales@autopalsoftware.com
  • Farmington, UT

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